Richtberg expertise

Wood is our passion

For almost 100 years, Richtberg Schwellenwerk GmbH has been a European specialist in timber for the rail industry: wood sleepers, crossing sleepers, floor beams and structural parts.

One of our most specialised areas of work is with Beech wood, with a specific manufacturing process for this species that differs greatly from that of Oak, Scots Pine and Ekki, in which we have gained expertise over the years.
We also provide our customers with parquet flooring, as well as landscape sleepers and structural parts.


Listening and Consulting Icon Richtberg

Care and advice

This is much more than simply a question of producing or even designing a railway product. Before finding the best solution to your problem, we need to understand what you need and check the conformity of your request. 

The commitment and experience of our teams are fundamental in finding the solution to your problems. 

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Our keen and dedicated teams are at your disposal to guide you towards the best solutions. Through our in-depth experience, we can offer you technical services such as on-site surveys, recommendations and installation assistance. 


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With our range of CNC machines and 3D computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM), we provide extremely reliable, high-precision machining expertise and produce sleepers, timber for rail switches and structural work. 

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Our autoclave treatment guarantees outstanding durability for our products in compliance with environmental standards. 

To satisfy your requirements, and in a perspective of SUSTAINABLE development, alongside creosote, we have various treatments available on request - alternative treatment solutions (for example, water-based salts + oil solutions).

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Our technical resources

  • Computer-controlled autoclave
  • Lifting machinery
  • Gang-nail plate press
  • SKL pre-assembly station
  • Adzing/boring machine


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Always on time

Whether it is a question of procurement, shipping or delivery, we have the experience to take into consideration all the constraints to guarantee our customers that we comply with their deadlines. 

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European dimension

Richtberg’s geographical location and rail connection are undeniable advantages for the company to be able to supply and deliver anywhere in Europe. 

Rail transport accounts for a high proportion of our shipments. We are experts in this process and highly recommend it to our customers. 

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If required, we can arrange delivery by road or rail directly to the worksite within the best possible timeframe. 

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Rail logistics

At Richtberg, rail is an important part of logistics and offers many advantages for our customers, such as a reduced carbon footprint and reliable deliveries. 

Richtberg draws on its experience and offers a seamless service, by taking care of everything from organising transport, loading and tracking to customs procedures. 

Wood sleepers

Richtberg Traverse


Choose from all the geometries, treatments and species available in our range.

Richtberg appliance wood

Crossing sleepers

Notched, drilled, to suit the different geometries of wood crossing sleepers.

Richtberg Work Pieces

Structural parts

Manufactured to drawings provided by customers or based on measurements taken on site by us.

Richtberg special parts

Special pieces

Depending on requirements: level crossing, operating lever, etc.

Railway equipment

Fittings - SKL, KPO6, Nabla
Fittings - SKL, KPO6, Nabla
Tie plates - German, K type rail clips, rubber tie pads
Tie plates - German, K type rail clips, rubber tie pads
Sleeper screws
Sleeper screws
Bolts, hooks
Bolts, hooks

Other products available from the Baret Group

Parquet flooring
Parquet flooring
Unedged sawn timber
Unedged sawn timber
Stave Wood
Stave Wood
Landscaping and outdoor projects
Landscaping and outdoor projects