The Richtberg company

Specialized in the impregnation and machining of wood

As one of Europe’s most historical leaders in wood sleepers, Richtberg combines its extensive experience in the railway industry with state-of-the-art facilities. The company, which was founded in 1937, has always adapted to satisfy the diverse demands of its customers as efficiently as possible. We are equipped with a fully automated autoclave and have a dedicated rail connection. These are valuable assets that we use every day. 


  • 1937 – 2014

    Richtberg Schwellenwerk Gmbh was founded in 1937 by the Richtberg family, who also owned 5 other factories across Germany at the time. The family-owned group was then one of the leaders in the wood sleeper industry in Europe. For many years, the factory in Neuenburg am Rhein was a source of livelihood for several hundred families – at the time, the site employed 200 workers – and some of them lived in the hamlet. From the 1970s, the company was confronted with the emergence of concrete sleepers. The arrival of this new competitor brought many changes to the wood sleeper market.
  • 2015 – 2016

    A historical transition for Richtberg Schwellenwerk GmbH: the company joined the “BARET” Group and began its modernisation process. The company appointed a new management team and invested in an automated sorting line and new handling equipment.

  • 2017 – 2020

    Richtberg continued to grow and make the necessary investments to improve the company’s safety, quality, reliability and competitiveness. Thanks to the dedication and efforts of its teams and a rigorous work ethic every day, it obtained ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 – PEFC – TUV certifications.

  • 2021

    Richtberg launches new products, including PEFC-certified solid oak flooring from Nouyrigat, the Baret Group’s French parquet factory.

  • 1937
  • 2015
  • 2017
  • 2021

Our values

Experience, Professionalism and Customer satisfaction


Thanks to the great professionalism of our teams and rigor framed by demanding and constantly verified procedures, these commitments hold a strong place within our company.

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