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Karl Richtberg Schwellenwerk GmbH
Richtbergstr. 5.
D-79395 Neuenburg/Rhein

Tel.: +49 7631 7751
Fax: +49 7631 73952


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“A landmark entity in wood sleepers, dedicated to serving its customers.”


The company, which is based in the south of Baden-Württemberg at the edge of the Black Forest, has enjoyed constant growth since it was founded in 1937. The combination of our intimate knowledge of the railway sector and our state-of-the-art facilities makes Richtberg a frontrunner in the wood sleepers sector in Europe.


With our teams of specialists, combined with our most modern production resources, we can produce all types of parts with exceptional precision. Whatever your requirement or demand, we will be able to provide a solution.


Richtberg has one of the most advanced and efficient autoclaves in Europe to treat its timber. This fully automated computer-controlled system is designed to adapt the impregnation parameters to the precise requirements and standards of our customers (Pre-pressurised, pressurised, vacuum, etc.)  


Our large storage area in the Rhine Valley is a clear advantage when it comes to processing Beech wood. In this windswept region, the climatic conditions are ideal to dry our track bearers naturally in the open air. 

Rail logistics

Our railway line is connected to the European rail network, which means that we can load and deliver our wood sleepers directly after manufacture without break of bulk. We have the facilities required to load any type of wagon (e.g. RES – HA 2/4 axle – KB 2/4 axle – RNS-Z, etc.). 

Furthermore, we work closely with European rail services, such as DB, so that we can deliver by rail anywhere in Europe. 

Finally, thanks to our responsive approach and our organisation, we can deliver directly to the worksite at very short notice.